Guildroom Web App

Web Design
Project Type
UX Design
Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator
Guildroom is a platform created to help provide career insight to student users by accurately connecting them with the right mentor. This is done with the help of an algorithm that takes answers provided by students during the onboarding process. The algorithm provides the student with a career fit and connects them with mentors in the suggested field. The objective of the site is to provide students a great platform to set them on the right path from an early stage of their higher institution journey.
My contribution
With a short 6 week timeline and an existing test site, I focused on improving the overall platform experience by identifying inconsistencies and defining the navigation flow available to the users of the product. In addition to that, I defined the design system to be used across the design process in order to help maintain consistency. For an overall immersive and easy to use experience, I also created mobile friendly designs that will enable the user access the platform on the go.
Target Users
After identifying our target audience, I opted for the waterfall model in order to complete tasks. This helped me identify the different features I needed to cover and phase them with targeted weekly sprints.

Project Objectives
- Sign up & onboarding analysis/redesign
- School Admin user analysis & design
- Student User analysis & design
- Alumni user analysis & design
- Mentorship resource analysis & design
- Account and account management
Project Objectives
After meeting with the stakeholders, I was able to call out the following six objectives for the project:

1. Carry out an overview of the current Guildroom platform
2. Source out UX inconsistencies/inefficiencies across the product
3. From overview outcome: create a highly functional, intuitive and immersive user interface that enables all intended user personas fulfill objectives
4. Effectively cater to all user experience needs for determined user personas
5. Create a product prototype to engage potential partners and stakeholders
Final Design
After defining the target users and project objectives, I used the test site and worked to identify the inconsistencies that exist in the current build of the product and then providing a solution that was consistent with our goal of providing an improved user experience.
To solve the inconsistencies identified and build a cohesive ecosystem, I worked to ensure the pages were consistent with the website’s UI, while including branding elements from Guildroom's brand manual.

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