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Branding, UX Design
Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator
ASB Technologies
In Africa, access to credit is extremely limited. As a result, it poses a problem for businesses looking to launch, take risks or scale operations across the continent. The absence of easily accessible retail banking infrastructure services play a big role in the credit inaccessibility and Indicina, since 2019, has been building the infrastructure to unlock it.
Defining the project
Together with other members of the team, a brand discovery exercise was carried out with the stakeholders to discuss the brand as it exists today and determine where they intended to take the brand in the near future.

Following this meeting, we were able to:
  • Define Indicina's Unique Value proposition
  • Articulate the Vision & Mission of the brand
  • Determine the Demo/Psychographic
  • Define the Personality of the Brand
  • Shortlist Brand themes
Logomark Exploration
After the staekholder meeting to define the project and brand direction, the team came together and thought of a visual representation of the brand, Indicina. The designer assigned the task of exploring the logo mark designed two options which was shared with the internal team at Indicina. Feedback from the Indicina team on the logo-marks were pretty divided as few people liked either option while some didn't like any.
Final Logomark
Due to the mixed reception of the previously shared logos, the team decided to take a fresh look at the the brand direction, iterate and compose a mark that was befitting of the Indicina Mission. This was the final result.
Marketing materials
As a fast follow, we began to design collateral materials and marketing communication materials using the chosen brand logo.
Indicina website design
Our approach to designing the Indicina website started with the team drawing up an information architecture based on the conversations that were had during the brand discovery stage and after the finalization of the brand mark. This entailed the collection/curation and grouping all the content that would go into the website. Defining the information architecture played an important role in determining what layout approach to take with designing the website.
Following the definition of the information architecture, I began working on wireframes and in collaboration with other members of the team, an assets and components library was created. This design system was then used to define the overall look and feel as well as the structure and placement of elements on the website. This helped us maintain a consistent and harmonious feel to the design.
Final UI Design
After multiple iterations, the final design was handed over for final development. To ensure the design style was also maintained, I worked closely with the developer from the start to the end of the project.

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